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About us

Blue Grain is an Organisation Development advisory firm based in the UK, established in 2011. We work with organisations across most sectors on:

  • Strategy development
  • Business architecture
  • Culture change and diagnosis
  • Organisation design and restructuring
  • Leadership development
  • Large scale business unit change

Our experience is that no organisation issue is ever confined to one of the above.

  • Changes to strategy can open up a debate on leadership and trigger a shift in culture
  • Changes to organisation design often have unintended consequences for the operating model and culture of an organisation
  • Changes to leadership have direct impact on power structures and organisation design
  • Changes to culture that are durable often demand significant adjustments to business unit structures and local leadership

It is our belief that an organisation is interconnected at levels that are not immediately visible.
It is this core belief that drives Blue Grain advice and support – whatever your business issue.

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Hidde-Jan Lemstra

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Sarah Higgins

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Whether your issue relates to strategy, leadership, organisation design, operating structure, culture or some combination of these, we would be happy to talk it through with you.

To discuss your organisation challenge in confidence with one of our team, please contact us.


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